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SkillGate's XST (Cross Site Trainer) software allows you to run our courses on your LMS.

Based on SCORM technologies, XST lets your staff access our courses, enjoy our unique delivery techniques and posts completion and score information back to your system automatically. It saves you the hassel, and offers you some unique advantages.

Tutorials, Certificates, Diplomas.

Select the training courses and methods that suit your organisation.

SkillGate Tutorials, Certificates and Diplomas include scenarios, exercises, practicals and assignments.

SkillGate tutors will ensure your delegates are supported, motivated and their work marked, to ensure quality learning transfer.

Tutor supported

A.I. driven daily lessons & updates

The best learning usually involves practice, reminders and repetition. Your delegates will automatically receive the option of using SmartCafé for Courses that include professional channels.

We deliver hundreds of short learning 'bites' through SmartCafé every month.

Our A.I. system tailors the subjects to the needs of each member of your staff.

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Continuous improvement and update

SkillGate tutors continuously monitor delegate interaction to improve all our courses.

They make changes and update statistics, legislation, case studies and best practice in real time. Your staff will know they have the latest learning available to them.

Through the SmartCafé professional channels tutors automatically keep delegates abreast of changes they need to know about.

Up to date

Upgrade to Academy10?

And of course, if in due course, you want to change to a world class LMS, your staff will already recognise the benefits of some of the Academy10 learning approaches.


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