An LMS to support ambition


Academy10 is one of the UK's most popular LMS system and supports hundreds of organisations ranging in size from 50 to 15,000 staff.

It consists of the Essential LMS and the UTS (Universal Training System).

The Essential LMS comes free (as standard) with SkillGate content and includes a wide range of advanced training and compliance management features. UTS adds more important training software designed to be customised to your requirements.


A hosted LMS system.

In addition to managing your choice of courses, the Essential Academy10 LMS includes management systems for teams, groups, library, CPD & qualifications

It includes customisable reports and charts. Options for single sign on and datafeeds; SmartCafé; Traffic Light, and the ability to plug in a host of performance management tools, authoring, surveys and other training related options.

Traffic Light

Simplified compliance management

Mandatory lessons are delivered to the relevant staff automatically according to your plan.

Simple Traffic Light reporting helps line-managers to support compliance.

Hundreds of prepared and updated compliance courses make compliance training easier for everyone.

A.I. driven daily lessons & updates

The best learning usually involves practice, reminders and repetition. Your delegates will automatically receive the option of using SmartCafé for Courses that include professional channels.

We deliver hundreds of short learning 'bites' through SmartCafé every month.

Our A.I. system tailors the subjects to the needs of each member of your staff.

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Personalised training suggestions

Lets users add their own training suggestions to each other's Pinboards.

Pinboard 'Pro' exploits the tens of thousands of lessons in SkillGate's Infinity Library (and our independent research). Our researchers recommend the best online training solutions and alternatives for every user.

Looking for more than Academy10?

SkillGate's Universal Training System (UTS) adds an ever growing range of important options to your LMS.

The most popular elements are; Smart Author (programme authoring); Perform (a performance management and annual appraisal suite) and TNA (an individual and strategic analysis tools).



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