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Recent comments added by users:

"It is good to see different points that can help you with your different Energy levels."
  Give yourself an energy boost 19-Jan-22
"It will be my first appraisal so this is really useful to me."
  How to ace your appraisal 19-Jan-22
"No comment to make, here."
  Overcome your self-limiting beliefs 18-Jan-22
"link to a SWOT would be good here as a takeaway tool"
  Build your confidence 18-Jan-22
"Enjoyed that "
  Sharpen your concentration skills 18-Jan-22
"Perfect tool to use half way through the day, when working for home, and the minds starting to feel numb "
  Practise mindfulness 18-Jan-22
"Avoid certain things"
  Overcome your self-limiting beliefs 18-Jan-22
  Overcome your self-limiting beliefs 18-Jan-22
"Relaxation needed to be longer"
  Sharpen your concentration skills 14-Jan-22
"Good suggestion/exercise"
  Deskercise idea: the tip toe 13-Jan-22
"Good suggestion"
  Who said: "If you don't like the road you're walking, start paving another one"? 13-Jan-22
"Enjoyed this"
  Microsoft Word - Find & Replace 13-Jan-22
  Set yourself free with the Bill of Assertive Rights 12-Jan-22
"great, thanks"
  Deskercise idea: the tip toe 11-Jan-22
  Deskercise idea: the tip toe 11-Jan-22
"all ideal world scenarios "
  Master the art of being patient 11-Jan-22
"I often light candles in the winter months to make the house more homely without to brighter lights."
  A little, light, festive quiz! 10-Jan-22
"Replace baubles on garlands and wreaths with spare baubles to co-ordinate with your baubles on the tree. Tied them on with ribbon and they can be easily replaced the following year in a different colour co-ordination"
  Christmas hacks for decor and dinner 10-Jan-22
"Without continuing a trial for a reasonable fixed period we will not learn the required lessons to improve "
  Master the art of being patient 10-Jan-22
"1time-70%, 2time-90%"
  Sharpen your concentration skills 09-Jan-22
"Generally I am a confident person, "
  Build your confidence 08-Jan-22
"some good tips"
  Master the art of being patient 07-Jan-22
"Interesting take and a compeletly new learning for me, will be interesting to obeerve this in my workplace to see which different individuals apply the different approaches to time."
  What is chronemics? 07-Jan-22
"Yes it worked and shws how taking even a little bit of time out can improve concentration and retention of information."
  Sharpen your concentration skills 07-Jan-22
"Good tips and reminders here. I will make my list of strengths and weaknesses to reinforce where i can continue to improve my confidence."
  Build your confidence 07-Jan-22




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